Meet Nectar @ Tech Open Air

Meet the Dutch startup that is aiming to revolutionize 3D printing.

On the 16th and 17th of july Nectar will visit Tech Open Air in Berlin. On the 17th Nectar meets with Berlin for it's monthly lunch where hardware projects, ideas, and startups will be discussed. Berlin is the community for hackers, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs who are making physical goods.

If you want to meet us you are more than welcome to join us for lunch!

If the weather is great we’ll have BBQ outside, if not we’ll host it inside – if you can’t find us just ask for the hardware lunch at the betahaus | reception – they will know where we are.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About Nectar

Nectar is a Dutch startup aiming to revolutionize 3D printing in the fields of usability, versatility and safety.

Our mission is to improve people’s opportunities to innovate. We do this by making powerful technology more accessible. We believe that with the right technology and mindset there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

For our future we envision a world-wide-web of ‘Nectar Hives’. Inspiring places where our talented engineers, designers and thinkers can come together to join forces. A place where they can feel free to meet, move, play, experiment and try again.

Let’s create a future without boundaries. Together.

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